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Medium: Visual Arts , Photography

Contact Information


[email protected]


My name is Audrey and I'm a Southern Wesleyan University graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice. I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.

While my career path has not taken my to a place where I can ultimately be creative, I am a concert and event photographer and the owner of my street photography zine "Aimless", a black and white street photography zine curated of photos in Greenville.

I have a passion for taking photos that show a true moment. Where it's a happy one, a sad one, a hard one, or something exciting, I strive to show this through my work. I currently photograph primarily punk shows in the Greenville DIY scene; however, I love support local music where I can.

In addition to music and my zine, I photograph events for MAC, which has fueled my desire to get more involved in the Greenville arts and showcase my work, in addition to supporting others.