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Medium: Fiber Arts , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(508) 215-9187

[email protected]

Originally a painter, I fell in love with weaving because of it's tactile quality. My art explores the concepts of materiality and process through weaving. Primarily working in tapestry, the labor intensive steps in making the work is my response to the fast-paced AI and algorithm world we now live in. I work with an upright loom and it usually takes months to complete a work. With this slow-art, I would like to inspire contemplation in the viewer, not only of the art work, but the importance of the human element in making the piece. I am interested in abstract forms and a modern interpretation of landscapes and nature, I'm also a basket weaver and combine this with my tapestry techniques to add a sculptural element to my practice.


3.5 miles or 10 minutes from MAC, head southwest down August Street toward University Street, continue straight on Augusta Street, turn left on Riverside Drive, destination will be on your left. Studio entrance is on the left side of the house. Go down the stone path.