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Medium: Digital Arts , Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Open Studios , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]


Artist Statement

The tension that exists between the birth of the idea and its manifestation is what continually pulls me into the creative process. This is an exercise in visual problem-solving. Just as I am the sum-total of my experiences whether they be sensorimotor, visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory; my art is also a compilation of images and ideas that I have collected for decades. These internal ruminations are uttered like a mantra that gets repeated over and over. They ultimately emerge as a tessellation as they are physically duplicated, flipped, rotated, and mirrored. Joy is found in the journey and the struggle, not necessarily in the destination. It’s in this space (the in-between), the question and the answer, the problem and the solution, is where I find myself as an artist.


From downtown Greenville, take S Main to Pendleton St. Turn right onto Pendleton St and continue approximately 1 mile (crossing Academy St) into the Village of West Greenville. Continue through intersection of Lois Ave. The Artbomb Studios building is on the right across the street from Marion's Auto Repair Shop. Studio is on the first floor.