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Woven Reflections

Two-person exhibition of painter and mixed media artist Shellie Lewis Crisp and sculptor Laurel Sawicki

Event Types: Visual Arts

Jan 2, 2024 10:00 AMJan 27, 2024 4:00 PM

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Liz Rundorff Smith


[email protected]https://artandlightgallery.com


Art & Light gallery is pleased to present Woven Reflections, a two-person exhibition of work by painter and mixed media artist Shellie Lewis Crisp and sculptor Laurel Sawicki launching on the Art & Light website at and in the gallery at 10am (EST) on Tuesday, January 2 with an opening reception on Friday, January 5 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

Shellie Lewis Crisp’s work is a direct reflection of her mood and emotional state. For Crisp, the process of creating begins with writing, sketching, applying various marks and splotches of paint, then applying and removing paint to reveal imagery. She loves the imperfect, the mistakes, and the adrenaline that drives her to resolve an image. Ultimately, Crisp shares her work to connect to others.

Laurel Sawicki’s pieces often begin with an emotion or a memory and evolve through exploration of a personal journey. Sawicki chooses to look beyond external appearances and perceptions in order to navigate a deeper connection to human narrative and the stories we share. Like a journey, her pieces have a beginning but no definitive end, allowing the viewer to read into open-ended symbolism while inserting their own experiences. For Sawicki, clay is the perfect medium to express lived experience because of its willingness to be transformed while maintaining a delicacy and strength.

In Woven Reflections Shellie Lewis Crisp and Laurel Sawicki explore a mutual interest in weaving found objects into their work to create a deeper sense of narrative. The artists find that found objects carry stories and records that, when incorporated with their work, create new meaning and a connection to personal history. Lewis and Siwicki focus on the human form as the vessel for storytelling and welcome the idea that their work will be perceived differently by the viewer as the viewer brings personal history to the work.

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