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underlying strength

A conceptual installation by JEFF+GODA

Event Types: Visual Arts

Jul 16, 2022 11:00 AMAug 13, 2022 11:00 AM

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U.S. / Lithuania Multimedia Artists Premiere Exhibit

Greenville, South Carolina - The Woodbine Gallery is pleased to announce the July 16th premiere exhibition of underlying strength, by multimedia artists, Jeff Sumerel and Goda Rupeikaite.

For years Sumerel has been applying his innovative humor and visual storytelling skills to regional and national public art installations and site-specific performances. Rupeikaite, herself a Lithuanian multimedia artist who now makes the U.S. her second home, has exhibited her refined skills with the meaningful use of visual elements and audio design. The husband/wife team’s latest work is underlying strength, a conceptual installation touching on the relation of subjective and external time. Throughout the installation a visual and visceral connection comes from hammers. Ten vintage hammers presented on identical freestanding wire stanchions. Each is manipulated, transformed and juxtaposed with images, objects and sound that create a distinctive scenario. The result offers a personal perception that generates a range of feelings including nostalgia, intrigue, amusement, sorrow, and insight. The entire installation is accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of ambient sound effects, music, and archival educational audio clips. Sumerel and Rupeikaite have garnered a reputation as being among the most notable contemporary artists of the U.S. southern region. Several of their works have been received internationally, exhibited at such places as the Museum of Modern Art - New York, Warsaw INPUT Conference - Poland and Vilnius Museum of Tolerance - Lithuania. With underlying strength, as with many of their works, Sumerel and Rupeikaite conflate overlooked, common objects with the form and style of art, by wondering “what if”. underlying strength July 16 - August 13


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