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Under the Sun

Solo Exhibition by Mary Lekoshere

Event Types: Visual Arts

Apr 30, 2024 10:00 AMMay 25, 2024 4:00 PM

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Art & Light Gallery


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Art & Light Gallery is happy to present Under the Sun, a solo exhibition of work by Mary Lekoshere (Greenville, S.C.) launching in the gallery and online at 10am (EST) on Tuesday, April 30 with an opening reception on Friday, May 3rd from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

Mary Lekoshere works in both painting and illustration, with mediums ranging from oil and watercolor to linocut, pen and ink. Lekoshere often references vintage photographs, giving her work a familiar, sentimental quality. Her work is representational, in subject matter that includes portraiture, animals, interiors and still life. In Under the Sun Lekoshere introduces a new series of paintings that she hopes will elicit feelings of nostalgia, comfort and camaraderie.

Lekoshere shares, “Time won’t stand still, not just because it can’t, but because it wasn’t meant to. The babies that won’t keep, don’t. Terms come to an end—graduations, and leaving behind. Friends move away. The first little house, with the first Christmas tree, and the first dog, and the cheap meals, goes on the market. The season we are in, right now, is obscured by busyness—the clamor of the next thing that must be done—most of which we’d rather not be doing. And in the weariness, heartbreak, loneliness and tedium of this time, we dwell in past seasons, where our memories have kindly filtered out these emotions, leaving behind a sense of security, calm and purpose. Or, we disappear into the dreamscape of a future season, where these emotions surely won’t follow.”

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