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The Eternal Now

Exhibiting the Sculptures and Drawings of Kai Griffin

Event Types: Visual Arts

Jun 22, 2024 6:00 PMAug 4, 2024 9:00 PM

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906 Art Gallery


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906 Art Gallery is excited to exhibit the Eternal Now, a solo show created by Kai Griffin. For over twenty years, Kai Griffin (b. 1981) has proven to be a creative, innovative, and

intensely trained professional, specializing in trendsetting beauty, fitness, and wellness.

Applying those same principles and experiences, Kai developed his spark for creating

art; art with convergent points where classical theory meets modern work, where analog meets digital, where handcrafted meets laser cut. Kai holds a BFA from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Winthrop University and resides in Charlotte, NC.

Here is an excerpt from Kai Griffin's artist statement: "More than anything though, it’s experience that allows me to see this - the spark where

classical theory meets modern work; where analog meets digital; where handcrafted

meets laser cut; bridging the gap between the 20th and 21st centuries.

Whatever the process, material or final product, there are non-negotiables to my

approach to creating art. I study and respect theory - and I’m not afraid to flip it on its

head to make something new and different; I believe in well-executed craftsmanship

and clean precision; I believe in repetition and focus, working until it's right. There’s

always honesty and humor; energy and commitment; a serious and curious drive to

create high-quality, timeless work that’s a nod to the classical and a contribution to the


This show is open to the public at 906 Art Gallery Mon-Sat 12 PM- 7 PM and Sun 2 PM- 9 PM. Please feel free to stop in anytime! Below are important dates for this exhibition:

Jun 22, 6 PM- 9 PM: Opening Reception

Jul 20, 6 PM- 9 PM: Closing Reception

Aug 4, 12 PM- 7 PM: Final Day to See the Exhibition

906 Art Gallery

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