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Works by Linda Williams McCune

Event Types: Visual Arts

Sep 20, 2021 4:00 AMOct 15, 2021 1:00 PM

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Fleming Markel


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Ruminations: Linda Williams McCune
Benson Campus Galleries and Pavilion
Greenville Technical College
Greer, SC
Open to the public, M – Th, 8am - 7pm & F, 8am - 5pm
September 20, 2021 through October 15, 2021
Public Reception: October 14, 4pm-6pm outdoors in the Benson Campus Student Plaza

Ruminations’ definitions carry the deliberate weight of contemplation, the baggage of reflection, and the density of careful purpose. Its Latin root, rumen, means gullet. Ruminations, though synonymous with deep philosophical and spiritual thoughts, has its roots in biology. Ruminations: Linda Williams McCune is a gathering of Linda’s contemplations made visible in her drawings and sculptures completed across several decades. Her lifelong, earthy bonds to family and the family’s farm are often the impetus for her works.

Ruminations are required at each step of Linda’s creative process. Her initial ideas often originate from a sliver of landscape or bit of weathered wood found on her families’ homeplace. She always begins with sketches or maquettes, requiring her full attention to detail. She then proceeds to build a drawing with hours of obsessive mark-making or build an assemblage sculpture of found objects with additional elements of carvings, drawings, or stitched fabric. These processes are deeply meditative, personal ruminations. She refers to it as the “zone” and she loses all track of time and becomes deaf to any sound, but her pencil on paper or her knife carving wood. Upon completion, her works have a physicality that commands viewers to engage with and ponder her haunting narratives, employing their own intuition as the ruminations are passed from the maker to the viewer.

Ruminations: Linda Williams McCune is a celebration of the 25-plus years, Linda worked tirelessly in the Department of Visual Arts at Greenville Technical College. She was instrumental in increasing the department’s scope while maintaining its emphasis on excellence. Hundreds of Tech Visual Arts’ students have blossomed under her enthusiastic, persistent, and affectionate care. Her former students, now teachers, designers, and artists, provide the professional foundation of many of the fine arts and graphic communities here in South Carolina and as far away as New York and Los Angeles. Linda has been the recipient of various awards, including a Governor’s Distinguished Professor Award in 2007 and the 100 Years 100 Artists Award from the South Carolina State Museum in 2000. Her work has also been showcased at numerous exhibitions throughout the U.S. and abroad and is included in many public and private collections. She is proudest to have received the National NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) Award for Excellence in College Teaching in 2007-2008.

Ruminations fills both Benson Campus Galleries and the new Benson Campus Pavilion with Linda’s drawings and sculptures including her latest series, “Covid 19.” The public is welcome to experience this exhibition September 20 through October 15, Monday – Thursday, 8am to 7pm and on Fridays, 8am to 5pm. Face coverings are required. The Benson Campus is located in Greer, SC. For more information visit or call Fleming Markel, Gallery Director or Pat Owens, Gallery Assistant at 864 250-3051 or email [email protected].

On Thursday, October 14 from 4pm to 6pm, a public reception in honor of Linda’s retirement and in celebration of her accomplishments will be held outdoors in the Student Plaza conveniently located between both buildings housing the exhibition.

Benson Campus Galleries