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Janet Orselli: Precious Things

a site-specific sculptural art installation

Jun 1, 2024 9:13 AMJul 19, 2024 4:00 AM

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Tryon Arts and Crafts School


[email protected]


Janet Orselli’s installation, "Precious Things," invites viewers into two distinct yet interconnected spaces within the gallery. Utilizing movable walls, Orselli creates the illusion of intimate rooms that can be entered, each offering a unique experience. One space is physically accessible, while the other is observed through a small door, prompting different modes of engagement – immersion or voyeurism.

Within these spaces, Orselli presents found object assemblages that juxtapose old manmade items with elements from nature. These compositions provoke contemplation on dualities, both visually and conceptually. The viewer is encouraged to explore the installation, either by physically moving through the space or by observing from a distance, akin to peering through a window. Through texture, color, and proximity, Orselli seeks to evoke emotional responses and prompt viewers to question the inherent meaning of the objects and their arrangement.

Tryon Arts and Crafts School