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Exquisite Connections

A Print Installation by the Contemporary Print Collective

Event Types: Visual Arts

Sep 25, 2023 12:46 PMOct 13, 2023 12:46 PM

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Department of Visual Arts, Greenville Technical College


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Exquisite Connections:

A Print Installation from the Contemporary Print Collective

Benson Campus Galleries

Greenville Technical College

2522 Locust Hill Road

September 25, 2023 through October 13, 2023

Open to the public, M – Th, 9am to 7pm and Fr, 9am to 2pm

Exquisite Connections is a sprawling installation of 6-inch square prints in Gallery 2. The creation of the individual prints is based on a parlor game (Exquisite Corpse) invented by the French Surrealist, André Breton. In Breton’s game, player 1 would make a drawing and cover part of the drawing only revealing a connection point. The drawing was then passed on to player 2 who would add a drawing beginning at the connection point and so on. It was a process of discovery and creative solutions that would often result in an absurd product.

The Contemporary Print Collective had cancelled their monthly meetings during Covid quarantine. Printmaking, being an inherently collaborative medium, the membership sought a catalyst for remote gathering and sharing. Exquisite Connection became the solution. Exquisite Connection follows the premises of the original game but with hand-pulled prints. The parameters of Exquisite Connection specified individual prints be black ink on white paper, 6-inches square, with designated connection points on at least two sides. The 13 participants worked in randomly assigned pairs to make works in response to each other. Interpretation and subject were unique for each participant. The prints are now installed with matching connection points, to produce a single work that sprawls across two walls. The magic of Exquisite Connections is that with only a minimum of parameters, the many parts come together as a coherent whole. It can be altered through installation design and space to create a myriad of final products.

The Contemporary Print Collective (CPC) is a group of 20+ professional artists based in the Center for Creative Arts in Greenville, SC. CPC members are actively engaged in printmaking and in the field through creations and exhibitions of fine-art prints. CPC provides a venue for printmakers and print collectors to gather, collaborate, and share on a monthly basis. According to CPC, “It is our mission to create, exhibit, collaborate, and educate through printmaking and within the contemporary dialectic of art. We seek to foster an awareness of original, hand-pulled prints by promoting exhibitions, educational opportunities, and encouraging the art of collecting prints.”

20:/20 Unity, a portfolio exchange among 19 CPC members is a bonus feature of this exhibition and is installed in Gallery 1. 20:/20 Unity was initially exhibited at the Anderson Arts Center in late 2019 and early 2020.

Exquisite Connections and 20:/20 Unity are both on view in Greenville Technical College’s Benson Campus Galleries, 2522 Locust Hill Road, Monday – Thursday, 9am – 7pm and Friday, 9am to 2pm. The public is welcome. Visit for more information or call Fleming Markel, Gallery Director or Pat Owens, Gallery Assistant at 864 250-3051 or email [email protected].

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