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Counterpunch Film Festival (CPUFF)

A Horror & Genre Film & Art Festival

Event Types: Film , Artist Opportunities , Calls For Artists

Jul 11, 2024 6:00 PMJul 13, 2024 11:00 PM

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Aaron Arco


[email protected]


GUTPUNCH is proud to present COUNTERPUNCH FEST, a celebration of Horror & Genre films. As an art focused organization, our mission is to elevate and showcase innovative, thought-provoking Genre & Horror films that challenge the traditional boundaries of art. We believe that film is a powerful tool for self-expression, and our festival aims to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to share their unique perspectives with a wider audience. We hope to highlight horror, lgbtq+, and BIPOC lead films.

We recognize that the film scene in Upstate SC has historically struggled to elevate the voices and perspectives of marginalized communities. For far too long, artists who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, or otherwise underrepresented have been excluded from mainstream art spaces. We believe that this is a disservice to our community, and we are committed to using our platform to promote diversity and inclusivity in the arts.

Through COUNTERPUNCH FEST, we hope to bring together artists and audiences from all walks of life to celebrate the power of video art. We are committed to using our platform to amplify the voices of those who have been historically silenced and marginalized. We hope that COUNTERPUNCH FEST will be a catalyst for positive change in our community and beyond.

If you would like to submit a short or feature film please submit on Film Freeway by searching Counterpunch Film Festival on that platform. Or by reaching out to us directly at [email protected].

Submission Deadline: Jun 30, 2024 1:00 PM

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