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Darin Gehrke - ceramist, Jeffrey Leder - painter 

Event Types: Visual Arts

Oct 27, 2023 6:00 PMNov 10, 2023 5:00 PM

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Darin Gehrke


[email protected]


Please join us for an opening reception Friday, October 27th, 6-8pm.

Greenville artists, Jeffrey Leder and Darin Gehrke have combined their individual techniques to create a limited edition of one-of-a-kind ceramic works.

Leder states, “I make art to achieve harmony within myself, to explore my capabilities and share with others that which I have discovered.

I enter into a mindful space as I sketch, prepare a surface, select colors, and lay down paint.”

Explorations in Asia, along with producing pottery in urban environments for more than twenty years has led to Gehrke’s clean modern style. His work characteristically involves elements of Chinese, Japanese and Korean ceramic forms. Gehrke’s strong ceramic shapes are all linked with a quiet, soothing palette of glazes including celadon greens and silky whites.

Darin R. Gehrke Ceramics