painting, mixed media

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Artbomb Studio
1320 Pendleton Street
Greenville, South Carolina 29611
(864) 631-6013

Artist Statement

As an artist and designer, I am afforded the opportunity to present my unique way of seeing the world around me. Yet my vision of the world is directly linked to a time when I had no vision at all. As a young adult I became blind due to a genetic eye condition called keratoconus, which left me in the dark for over two years. When you are blind, you “see” life as layers of sound and motion, at first disorienting and overwhelming, yet over time, you are able to distinguish each layer, and isolate its distinct qualities. Much of my art work is a visual representation of this experience. One recurring theme found in my work is isolation. By incorporating a seemingly familiar image, I am attempting to draw the viewer into the work, by exploring the multiple layers of imagery, which to me suggest actual entities, or apparitions that hold an emotive quality that I am compelled to pin down. These images are burnt into my memory and I try to honor the subtleties of their relationships to one another. What may appear as isolation may actually be my need to relate to others. In this way, I try to make each object, person, letterform, or surface reinforce the whole of my visual experience, which I am trying to hold on to. Another thematic pillar of my recent bodies of work has been deterioration and history. Urban corrosion of objects constitutes a sort of “man made” organic decay. I attempt to create an artificial deterioration using “new” items, making them indistinguishable from antiquated, organic disintegration. I am fascinated with the endless possibilities for discovery and understanding of the self through my research in history. The seeming aesthetic deterioration of the work belies a psychological one – the aesthetic serves as a metaphorical apparatus of thematic intent – the image of self created by the individual when utilizing a historical methodology aimed at the personage, viewing their own chronological, or cyclical natures by identifying a narrative of conscious identity. The digital work is created using watercolor, oil, and acrylic mediums, drawing, as well as traditional photographic techniques, all composed under the umbrella of a digital method. This allows me to have a much wider “palette” in which to represent a concept. For example, by using “real” objects within the work, I strive to create a “real” space within a digital structure. By utilizing different mediums, I attempt to create a cooperative relationship between word and image, establishing unity between elements, which may seem disparate. Mixed media and multimedia has become, for me, a fluid platform where recurring motifs can resurface through my changing interpretations, opening the door for conceptual ideas. The paintings are created using traditional painting resources, augmented with mixed media techniques and materials such as polyurethane, various transfer processes (including serigraphy and the McMann Transfer Method), as well as a variety of surfaces (canvas, wood, antique paper, etc.). Sometimes these paintings are produced with the intention of “recycling” them back into digital creations, in a continuous flow of ideas and objects from the “real” world back into the digital realm.


From S. Main St take Pendleton St. approximately one mile into the Village of West Greenville. Artbomb is on the right.

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