jewelry, painting

Contact Information:

Art Crossing
300 Riverplace, Studio 105
Greenville, SC 29601
(904) 533-1124

Artist Statement

My art allows me to express feeling.
It helps me convey a love story, a connection or a message. It allows me to share my feelings and experiences in life; my love, pain, passion, struggles and desires, etc.
My art work is my escapism. It allows me to share the beauty in a world where there is so much ugly! I take my pain and use nature to transform the ugliness into something so beautiful that touches each and every heart that experiences my work.
My work began at the very young age of 4, when I would use my father’s leftover electrical wire and hand-forge it into beautiful pieces of wearable art. At age 7, I took oil lessons and loved painting sunsets.
I use nature as my primary source of inspiration: trees, birds, birdnests, bodies of water, etc. Both my jewelry and paintings have elements of nature in the design, whether it be gemstones from the earth, Freshwater Pearls from water or birdnests created haphazardly with twigs and branches. There is something serene and tranquil about nature and I love being able to express that in my work.
You will see the human form as a tree trunk in my tree dancers, as their arms reach up to form the branches. You will see natural stones and elements from the earth in my jewelry. Each piece speaks to me and I give it a voice by giving it form.