Contact Information:

3 Fairview Avenue
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 430-2407

Artist Statement

I paint flowers, still life, landscapes and figures. I am driven by the shapes and colors of the subject matter but only as a starting point. I am interested in the way the paint is applied to the canvas – brushwork and the mix of colors create the design. I am a contemporary impressionist painter. My canvas has a clear subject but I use color and tools to alter the design, softening the edges. My paintings take on various stages. Usually the clean canvas is quickly covered in a thin layer of moving colors. The subject appears and I then start layering the paint to build the image, giving it weight. As soon as paint is applied, sometimes it is scraped and reapplied in another area. I start with brushes, often moving to pallet knives, layering the colors over one another. I have studied with many wonderful contemporary artists such as Cynthia Packard, Carolyn Anderson, Ken Auster, Thomas Buechner, Kevin Beilfuss, Jove Wang and Alice Williams, all who have influenced my work. I am also inspired by Degas, Manet, Cezanne and many Russian Impressionists.


From Church St, get onto Cleveland St after crossing over McDaniel Ave. Take the 2nd right onto Fairview Ave. Studio is behind the house above the garage.