Contact Information:

Art Crossing at Riverplace
300 River Street, Studio 112
Greenville , SC 29601

Artist Statement

Greenville is currently my playground; I never know what will be my artwork before
coming across a manhole cover, a sign, a ghost sign on a wall, the rough of the road… I explore every common thing and especially letters we don’t pay attention to. These patterns, rhythms, letters and signage fascinate me. To support contrast, repetition of lines, curves and rhythm I use intense black carbon, like an ode to old black and white street photography. I have an intuitive way of working by rubbing, scraping or scratching my soft paper on the floor where I feel every asperity, every rough patch and texture.

When I return from my “urban trail”, I need time to process and, sometimes months later, I experiment with the confusion between typography and translating it into a drawing. I reinvent the picture of a city, street or neighborhoods by interlacing all kind of signs, hand-lettering, pictograms… like a travel diary full of unexpected events.


Art Crossing artist studios are located on the riverwalk below Hall’s Chophouse and Lazy Goat restaurants, off of S. Main St and on the opposite side of the walking bridge across the river from the Peace Center. Access from S. Main St by stairs at either end of the bridge, or from the Riverplace parking garage, which has elevators.