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Medium: Music , Theatre , Classes , Performing Arts

Contact Information

(864) 221-6416

Mission Statement

Vaughn Newman Dance (VND), a 501(c)(3) organization provides individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to explore and express oneself through the arts. We are committed to make dance and theater accessible conduits for the arts by providing safe space for arts exploration and performances.

Additional Information

My experience among children and adults proves dance can alter the seemingly outcome of normal, significant and extreme stressors. Fitness alone alters the bodies chemical make-up and present an optimal mind-body connection. This connection, confidence and assuredness enables any child, adult, dancer and/or hobbyist to grow and develop freely.

The Studio – Home of Vaughn Newman Dance(VND) is a safe place for creative exploration. Through ADAM Arts we employ Acting | Dance | Art | Music as driving forces to creativity.

Through community outreach, the ADAM Arts platform is the model of VND’s after-school program. As conductor, VND demonstrates how to use Acting | Dance | Art | Music as a catalyst for social change. Daily structured and open classes, composition exploration, and movement choreography labs culminate into a community youth performance of newly acquired artistic skills. Our commitment to structure, discipline, and self-exploration effect positive socio-change and alter the patterns and lives of our students and participants. We expose individuals to the Arts and release them as creative entities of change in our communities and abroad through the ADAM Arts platform.

It is the mission of Vaughn Newman Dance to provide individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to explore and express oneself. We make dance and theater accessible in the form of lecture demonstrations, workshops, special dance intensives, and professional performances.
If you have any questions or need additional information please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you soon.