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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

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[email protected]

Impressions of abstract expressionism and color field painting, entangled with principles of graphic design and volumes of graphic art have cleared the way to my work which I’ve kept light-hearted and unpretentious. Using acrylic paint on canvas, my paintings are composed of abstract marks of contrasting and vivid color to create planes of dream like spaces. Many of these compositions invite the viewer to look into or down upon converging landscapes and dimensions while interpreting hints of realism and found objects. Each painting is a graphic representation or even documentation of a very short period of time and space, encapsulating personal moments. Using unrestricted brush strokes and undefined objectives, I’ve created from my imagination. I’ve kept my paintings energetic, playful and free-spirited by working spontaneously and intuitively, almost always without a script. The idea is to think without thinking and instinctively compose on canvas. I put the brushes down when the power of joy starts to fade, then browse Pantone swatches to recharge.