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Artistry Workshops & Galleries
12 Andrews Street
Greenville, South Carolina 29611
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Artist Statement

I developed my “live” painting style by setting up my easel at local music clubs and festivals, and painting the bands as they played. I really feel the beat of the live music inspiring my brush hand, and I feed off the electricity of the band and the energy of the crowd. I try to capture the splashes of light and the kinetic motion as the performance unfolds, so I use bright colors and passionate brush strokes.
In the studio, I enjoy painting nature and landscapes. I use the same bold colors and lively brush strokes to capture the beauty and energy of nature, but the result is a different mood than my live paintings. I like to paint good memories. I want my paintings to remind people of a great experience that they had, like seeing a favorite band live in concert, or the feeling you get experiencing nature, such as driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway when the leaves change colors.
I graduated from Lander University in 1993 with a degree in fine art. I enjoy creating all forms of art including acrylic paintings on canvas, digital paintings, web design, web animation, digital photography, motion graphics, and videography. I’m self-employed as a freelance artist in Greenville, SC. My company—Dumah Design—is focused on fine art, videography, and web design.