black & white film photography

Contact Information:

Slate Studios
314 Wilton Street
Greenville, South Carolina 29609
(864) 414-2147

Artist Statement

The main focus of my work is traditional black and white film photography processed in my studio dark room (old school).  I believe that the process that takes place in the darkroom with the chemicals is part of the “art” of creating my work.
Along with my traditional black and white film photography I have chosen 2 alternative processes to study, limiting myself so I can become efficient and well versed in them. 

The two processes are:
Bromoil Images:  This is a very old technique of bleaching out the original image on the print and then re-inking it back on, which gives the image an age old feel to it.  This is a very time consuming process, which creates one of a kind prints, a blend of photography and printing techniques.

And, most recently, creating prints from (black and white) Polaroid film negatives.  This process also gives the positive print an age-old appearance to it.
I continue to challenge myself as an artist to create work that will present my perception of the world around us or, as I have created in my studio.


In downtown Greenville, go north on Main St. past Stone Ave. to next traffic light at Earle Street. Turn left onto W. Earle Street. Go 2 blocks to Wilton. Turn right on Wilton, #314 Wilton is on the corner of Wilton and Croft. To enter studio, enter through the back gate on Croft and walk through the garden to the basement double doors.

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