Contact Information:

Matthew Zedler Fine Art | Art Crossing at Riverplace
300 River Street, Studio 106
Greenville, South Carolina 29601
(828) 404-6882

Artist Statement

Throughout my life I have maintained a great love for the use of geometry in fine art.

My artistic focus continues to be the creation and evolution of CFP* works (Color Field Painting*) using distinctly unique geometric foundations. I design and create the full spectrum of CFP paintings: hard-edged, medium, and soft-edged geometric CFP works. My art offers the viewer a special dynamic optical balance between wondrous color blending and intriguing geometric imagery.
In addition to Geometric CFP art, I will continue my passion and work in; complex geometric composition, cubism, fauvism, and surrealist fine art.


Art Crossing artist studios are located on the riverwalk below Hall’s Chophouse and Lazy Goat restaurants, off of S. Main St and on the opposite side of the walking bridge across the river from the Peace Center. Access from S. Main St by stairs at either side.

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