Summer Art Classes with Nathan Bertling

Instructor: Nathan Bertling

Drawing the Portrait
Tuesday evenings, 6-9pm

COST: $375 for 9 weeks
Start Date:  Tuesday, June 19
Last Class:  Tuesday, August 14
SUPPLIES: maybe $50 at most, depending on what you already have

As a class, we will spend nine evenings building one portrait drawing from start to finish. In order to model the process and demonstrate techniques, I will be drawing right along with the class! I will also be instructing through lecture and periodic critiques. If you can learn to draw the live portrait model, then you can draw anything else. Accept the challenge and come draw with me!

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Intro to Oil Painting—“UNDERPAINTING”
Thursday mornings, 9am-12noon

COST: $375 for 9 weeks
Start Date:  Thursday, June 21
Last Class:  Thursday, August 16
SUPPLIES: $50-$100, again depending on what you have

Painting with oils can be both a thrilling and exasperating experience. This powerful medium is like an expensive luxurious sports car: lots to offer, but handle with care! In this class, I’ll be going over some fundamental considerations when beginning an oil painting. In particular, we will focus our energies on learning how to handle the medium of oils while building an “underpainting.” This indirect method of painting has been around since the Renaissance (at least). What’s more, I will be teaching exclusively with M. Graham oils and requiring my students to use the same. We won’t be using any harsh solvents, so this class will be great for your health, too!

Everyone LOVES color; what everyone really NEEDS is a deeper understanding of values & edges. Come join me as we get better acquainted with my favorite medium!

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Figure Drawing Group (NO INSTRUCTION)
Friday mornings, 10am-12noon

COST: $180 for 9 weeks
Start Date:  Friday, June 22
Last Class:  Friday, August 17
Max. Participants:  8
SUPPLIES: drawing surface and drawing tools

If you’ve never drawn the nude form — or you’re rusty and out-of-practice, then this group may be for you. A group and not a class, we’ll simply be banding together to share a model and exercise our life drawing skills.
All experience levels welcome. Poses will include short warm-ups (1-5 minutes), 10-20 minute drawings, and the occasional 40 minute long pose. Models will alternate between male and female. We’ll cultivate a professional environment that’s both focused and fun. Come join in!

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