Spirit of America: Red, White and Bruised + Spirit and Photography (3 ways)

Dear Artists,

The dust has not settled on the opening of our latest exhibit “Stories and Statements- a quilt and graffiti show but we are thinking ahead.

This call for entry is titled “Spirit of America -Red, White and Bruised”. Your artistic image of the spirit of the country whether it be joyful or conflicted, nostalgic or forward thinking-use your medium to create a reflection of your vision. 3 entries for 35.00 or students 3/20.00.  Opening May 25, it will encompass two patriotic holidays and include the Westminster Apple Festival celebration.

Attached is the entry form for Spirit and Photography 3 Ways- further details can be located on our Website. Take a minute to review this and the following scheduled exhibits to see what interests you. Please pass these to your friends!

Thank You for Supporting the Arts,

The Gateway Arts Center
213 E Windsor St
Westminster, SC 29696

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