April 3, 9 AM – 1 PM
TR Makers Co
3 S Main St
Travelers Rest


Go below the surface of the blue planet to learn about the layers that make up the ground beneath our feet. Together we will discover how volcanoes walk, earthquakes shake things up- even under the sea, and how the phrase “rock solid” is a bit misleading!

Our teachers use multiple techniques during each lesson to help students of all learning styles to understand and comprehend our area of study. Lessons have been designed with multiple age ranges and academic levels in mind. Pairing these academic lessons with a Makers project is how we get hands-on in our learning process. We will use various hand building and artisan techniques to create a finished project which relates to our area of study for that class. Once finished, students will have both a booklet completed during class and final project to help remind them of the lessons learned.