Christine Mariotti will be offering her popular “Chinese Brush Painting – Flora and Fauna” at Tryon Painters and Sculptors.  In this course, starting February 25, she will teach about this marvelous art form by studying line quality, shading, detail and color layering, using plants and animals as subject matter. Christine shares her years of study starting with Master Ning Yeh.  The aesthetics of this delicate art form has influenced her approach to painting as well as developing elegant brush techniques.

Chinese brush painting began more than 2,000 years ago, flourishing in China as the invention of paper made it more accessible.  By 500 current era, Hsieh Ho formed a theory which created six tenets for the artist to follow, including: 1. A sense of spirit. 2. Character in each brushstroke. 3. Internalize the subject’s natural form. 4. Relate color to the subject. 5. Arrange objects in space. 6. Imitate past masters.

To inquire or register for the class, stop by Tryon Painters and Sculptors 78 N. Trade Street, or go online to our website:

This class is held Tuesday afternoons, February 25-March 17, 2020.

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