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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(847) 208-7942

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I am an abstract painter who finds incredible beauty in objects and surfaces that are often overlooked. My work is a tactile reflection of mood, memory, and environment. I apply color in contrasting layers using a variety of acrylic mediums and gels. Portions of each layer are often reduced; establishing interplay with the underlying colors and textures. This creates a depth that invites viewers to examine the work up-close, while maintaining a complete and engaging abstract composition. I look forward to sharing my work with you.


Take Wade Hampton Blvd (Hwy 29) about 5.6 miles into Taylors. Take a (diagonal) right onto W. Main St. Drive 1.3 miles, take a right onto Mill St. There will be a traffic light and a brick wall at this intersection. Keep going down Mill St into the Mill area. You will pass the first large section of the mill then take a right into the large parking lot/loading dock area (dock 3).