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Medium: Clay & Wood , Visual Arts Organizations , Visual Arts , Performing Arts Organizations

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(864) 593-5345

[email protected]


We carve every Wednesday evening beginning at 6pm in the Mauldin Cultural Center, Mauldin, South Carolina. Visitor are always welcome. WE ARE A NOVICE FRIENDLY CLUB

The Piedmont Wood Carver Club, Inc. has been established for the purpose of offering Woodcarvers, sculptors and whittlers in the Carolinas’ Piedmont area a structured organization to foster and transmit the various arts of woodcarving. The club promotes woodcarving at grade schools, high schools, senior action centers, Boy Scout troops, churches and other groups by presenting programs and demonstrations by our members who volunteer to share their knowledge and skill of the art of woodcarving. We a1so visit fairs, festivals, state parks and civic organizations to promote woodcarving and offer carving seminars. The primary purpose of our club is education and to that end we try to reach as many people as possible in a broad spectrum of all ages and backgrounds to encourage them to participate in this most enjoyable art form. To achieve these purposes the organization will; A. Provide regular meetings for woodcarvers to share their skills, to provide training and to bring together those with this shared interest to teach and to learn under informal circumstances; B. Assist area carvers to promote their products and to publicize their activities; C. Plan, prepare for and carry out an annual woodcarver Show in the Greenville, S.C. area; D. Develop other activities, such as seminars, workshops, carve-ins or video tapes of the carving arts as the needs of the club evolve; E. Consider, in the future, the advantages of entering into an association with state and national wood carving groups.