painting, mixed media

Contact Information:

Artbomb Studio
1320 Pendleton Street
Greenville, SC 29611
(864) 906-4303

Artist Statement

In my latest body of work, I decided to not only explore space and vastness in landscapes, but also, the surfaces I create. Working with horizons and architectural lines is a way to represent the marriage of nature and texture with man-made elements.

My process is layered in time, procedure and materials. Each layer is carefully applied, scraped and fused. Working with wax has proven to be an exciting journey of exploration and achieving rich surfaces. Each application, every mark and every time I scrape back the wax, something magical happens much like the earth’s surface. A bit of history is revealed.

The following is a quote that my husband made during one of our discussions.

Artist leave behind their DNA in every piece of work they create. –Jorge Peña

My hope is to complete works of art that evoke a familiar sense of spirit, tranquility or intrigue that may not have you guessing but leave you smiling.


From S. Main St take Pendleton St. approximately one mile into the Village of West Greenville. Artbomb is on the right.

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