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MAC Gallery

The MAC Gallery at 16 Augusta Street in the historic West End district serves as Greenville’s only public art gallery.  The gallery is also home for the annual Greenville Open Studios exhibit in November, the One-Stop Open Studios retrospective in April-May and the Flat Out Under Pressure exhibit in June. Since 2010, exhibits at MAC have been sponsored by Regions Bank, and we thank Chris Riley, Regions’ South Carolina Market President and MAC Board Member, for this company’s very generous level of support.

Currently showing:
One-Stop Open Studios
A retrospective of open studios artists from 2002 to 2014.
April 28 - June 12, 2015

Opening reception: Saturday, May 9th, 6:00 – 9:00

Begun in 2006, One-Stop Open Studios is an annual retrospective exhibit of artists who have participated in Greenville Open Studios since its inception in 2002. The exhibit runs in conjunction with Artisphere, Greenville’s premier arts festival, and allows for greater exposure and awareness of Greenville-area visual artists and generates additional interest and publicity for the full-fledged Open Studios event in November. The MAC gallery will have special hours during the Artisphere weekend.

One-Stop 2015_Postcard

Centre Stage Gallery

In 2005, MAC collaborated with Centre Stage, one of Greenville’s premier theaters, to provide exhibition space for MAC member artists in conjunction with each theatrical production throughout the year.  The collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing awareness of the talent and professionalism of Greenville-area visual artists as well as of the outstanding theatrical programming in the region.  Since 2010, each of the exhibits has been sponsored by South Carolina Bank & Trust, and we greatly appreciate this corporation’s commitment to the visual arts community.  The partnership has resulted in displaying the works of over 100 Greenville-area artists. Centre Stage is also the venue for Artisphere’s annual Artists of the Upstate exhibition on display in May during one of Greenville’s premier weekends for visual and performing arts.
The Centre Stage Gallery is located at 501 River Street, Greenville, 29601
Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 2:00 – 6:00pm
864-233-6733 and

Currently Showing
Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers
Kitchen Sink: A Random Collection of Paintings & Photographs
March 27 – May 15, 2015

Opening reception: Friday, March 27, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.


Oh Glory
Archival pigment print
42 x 28 inches

TD Gallery at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce

In 2008, when the Greenville Chamber of Commerce renovated its facility on Cleveland Street, MAC partnered with the Chamber to provide display opportunities for MAC member visual artists throughout the first floor.  Over 3,000 visitors on a monthly basis come into the Chamber building, and they are given a great chance to become familiar with the work of Greenville-area artists.  Since 2008, the TD Gallery at the Chamber has hosted shows by Phillip Gott, Georgia Harrison, Jane Doyle, Blaine Owens and the founding artists of Greenville Open Studios, to name only a few.

Currently showing:
Recent Works by Melinda Hoffman
April 30 - June 5th, 2015

Melinda Hoffman presents several collections of her work including…

Body Language… an ongoing series of paintings painted from personal pictures taken by US Soldiers… some during multiple tours of duty. US soldiers have deployed and lived 24/7 in remote regions of Afghanistan. This series, Body Language, seeks to remind us of the things we ask a soldier to do; the uniforms and gear we ask him to wear; and the way we train him to carry his weapons. Through my work I point to the human side of a soldier and the reality of it all.

My painting is simply placing globs of paint in such a way as to allow me to help you see what I want you to see. I am telling you stories and you are charged with interpreting these stories.

Artist Bio:

Melinda Hoffman is a graduate of Indiana University.  She studied an additional year recently with Sydney Cross in the Print Department of Clemson University.  While at Clemson, she developed an interest in “artistic voice” and the socio/political possibilities as an artist.

Melinda works in both oil and acrylics. Her first love is printmaking but evolved to painting as a therapy rehabbing from major surgery. Brush strokes and speed of painting contribute to a style that is simplistic, works from a limited palate and leads to a harmonious color story visible in her work.

Melinda has work in the athletic department of Clemson University, at the Visitor’s Center of Magnolia Plantation, at the Naval Base in Charleston, SC and in private collections throughout the region.  Her works from the series Body Language are available for display by groups supporting the US soldiers and our soldier’s efforts in far way places.  Themes that will continue to present art ideas include natural resources: Water, Wind and Sun, Graffiti, American Rodeo, athletes young and old, issues of guns and violence in America and cultures around the world.

Melinda’s studio is at home at 425 Mohawk Drive and works are on line at