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MAC Gallery

The MAC Gallery at 16 Augusta Street in the historic West End district serves as Greenville’s only public art gallery.  The gallery is also home for the annual Greenville Open Studios exhibit in November, the One-Stop Open Studios retrospective in April-May and the Flat Out Under Pressure exhibit in June. Since 2010, exhibits at MAC have been sponsored by Regions Bank, and we thank Chris Riley, Regions’ South Carolina Market President and MAC Board Member, for this company’s very generous level of support.

Currently Showing:
Flat Out Under Pressure
June 28th – August 1st, 2014

Opening Reception: June 28th, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

On Friday morning, June 27th, artists will come to MAC to have their canvases, their papers and their panels of wood stamped with the Flat Out Under Pressure logo. They will return 24 hours later with that same stamped medium as a completed work of art. That afternoon, the work will be juried and displayed as an exhibit.

Join us on the evening of June 28th for the Awards Ceremony and Reception. Come see the great art produced and congratulate the eight artists who’s work will be replicated on Greenville’s downtown recycling bins next year.

FOUP Invite 2014

Centre Stage Gallery

In 2005, MAC collaborated with Centre Stage, one of Greenville’s premier theaters, to provide exhibition space for MAC member artists in conjunction with each theatrical production throughout the year.  The collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing awareness of the talent and professionalism of Greenville-area visual artists as well as of the outstanding theatrical programming in the region.  Since 2010, each of the exhibits has been sponsored by South Carolina Bank & Trust, and we greatly appreciate this corporation’s commitment to the visual arts community.  The partnership has resulted in displaying the works of over 100 Greenville-area artists. Centre Stage is also the venue for Artisphere’s annual Artists of the Upstate exhibition on display in May during one of Greenville’s premier weekends for visual and performing arts.
The Centre Stage Gallery is located at 501 River Street, Greenville, 29601
Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 2:00 – 6:00pm
864-233-6733 and

Currently showing:
David Young
Ceramics for the Wall
June 27th – August 25th, 2014

Opening Reception: June 27th, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.



Smoked fired clay on wood
16 x 11 inches

TD Gallery at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce

In 2008, when the Greenville Chamber of Commerce renovated its facility on Cleveland Street, MAC partnered with the Chamber to provide display opportunities for MAC member visual artists throughout the first floor.  Over 3,000 visitors on a monthly basis come into the Chamber building, and they are given a great chance to become familiar with the work of Greenville-area artists.  Since 2008, the TD Gallery at the Chamber has hosted shows by Phillip Gott, Georgia Harrison, Jane Doyle, Blaine Owens and the founding artists of Greenville Open Studios, to name only a few.

Currently Showing
Terry Davenport and John Roberts
April 29 – June 30, 2014

Terry Davenport

web_Davenport, KeyToTheGarden
One summer when I was a young boy, my buddies and I built a car out of old wood and four cast-off wagon wheels. We took turns coasting down the hill in back of the house. Later that snowy winter we built an igloo in the backyard and slept out in it one night as my mother anxiously peered from a window in the house.

I began taking pictures of our childhood adventures and stunts with the family’s Kodak Brownie camera and then an 8-mm movie camera, that I’m sure influenced my eventual career in cinema production.

The Brownie was eventually replaced with a Nikon F film camera where I learned to explore the beauty of black and white photography in the dark room. I’m still with a Nikon today, shooting classic cars, old houses, and misty morning landscapes. Exploring junkyards, back roads, and the wonders of God’s amazing creation through a digital camera lens is one of my greatest joys and passions.

In 1976, I graduated from Bob Jones University with a Master of Arts degree in Cinema. I have 38 years experience in filmmaking and photography, working as an instructor and the Production Designer in the Department of Cinema Production at Bob Jones University. I teach classes in The Art of Photography, Digital Imaging Techniques, and Scenic Design and am co-chair of the two annual student photography competitions at Bob Jones University.

I have won awards in a number of competitions and exhibit in numerous group shows locally. My work is displayed at the Anderson County Arts Center and is represented in the permanent collection of the Pickens County Museum of Art. I also exhibit at Christopher Park Gallery on Main Street in Greenville, SC.

John Roberts
Many years ago I realized, after surrendering my life to full-time Christian service, that even my abilities in art are God-given.  I gave those abilities back to God, vowing to use them in such a way that He would get the glory and honor for all the art work I produce.  I’m only the paint brush in the Master Artist’s hand.

For that reason, you will see somewhere on my paintings, “…to the glory of God” so that my art will be a witness to all who see it, and the Master Artist will receive all the credit.”

Many thanks to those who purchase my my work.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy painting them.